Frequently Ask Questions 

How Do I Know My Nail Size ?


Using the millimeter side of a soft tape measure, hold it horizontally across the widest part of your natural nail

What if I Can't size of myself   ?


For example, if you don’t know your size but know you have big hands, order a large. Small, medium and large will fit most customers just fine.

How Long Does Press On Last ? 

How Do I Remove the Nails ? 

f you apply correctly your press ons can stay on for up to 2 weeks. The varies depending on the method used to apply nails 

-Nail Glue: Up to 2 weeks

-Nail Tabs:  Can last up to 2 days great for just the weekend

  • Step 1 – Apply cuticle oil around the nails and behind the back of the nails.

  • Step 2-  Fill a bowl with warm to hot water let them soak for a while and the nails will pop off.

If you have an nail that just won’t come off repeat step 1 and 2

  • Step 3 – Once nails are removed buff your natural nails lightly and apply cuticle oil.


Can I change My Order ? 

Unfortunately,  Once Order is Placed i cannot make any changes 

Do you accept returns ?

Due To Sanitation , we cannot accept any returns. 

How long does it take for my nails to be shipped?

If nails are available in your size and is in stock they will be shipped out within 2 business days after purchase. Custom sets are between 7-10 business days.